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    Lincove Viaduct, North CarolinaBabbling Springs in Snow, North CarolinaThe Black RiverPurple Coneflower
    Saddleback CaterpillarRose UnfurledRose in Full BlurLittle Deer Who Lays Quietly On LawnPink Petunia
    Yosemite Falls in the FogOn the ProwlSnowy JuncoSnowy CardinalMourning Dove in Full Glory (Leonard J. Buck Garden)
    Peace!  (Chester, NJ)Cow Lily or Spatterdock (Nuphar luteum)Black IceAfter the Ice Storm
    Bizarro WeatherOld GrassPurple Cone FlowerAnglewing, The Question-sign ButterflySticking it Out (Eastern Bluebird)
    Macro LilyFirst Lily of the YearThe Color PurplePurpledAli-zen!
    Buzzing AboutSunset an BarnegatLast Rays over Merrill CreekSnow Geese at SunsetSunset at Merrill Creek