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Any of the class Aves of warm-blooded, egg-laying, feathered vertebrates with forelimbs modified to form wings. Visit the New Jersey Audubon Society for detailed information on birds in New Jersey.
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    Red-bellied Woodpecker on Cherry TreeMourning for SpringFemale Northern Cardinal in the SnowBlackburnian WarblerCowbird at the Y
    Yellow WarblerSong Sparrow on Crab Apple BlossomsOn the Lookout (Northern Mockingbird)Pied-billed Grebe at Rahway River ParkPerching Blue Jay (Rondeau Provincial Park)
    Northern Gannet in Flight (Cape St. Mary's Ecological Preserve)Eastern KingbirdAtlantic Puffin (Witless Bay Ecological Preserve)Baltimore OrioleNorthern Gannet in Flight (Cape St. Mary's Ecological Preserve)
    On the Edge (Bald Eagle) - Cape St. Mary's Ecological PreserveWhite-crowned Sparrow on GreenYellow-rumped WarblerBlue-gray GnatcatcherHooded Merganser (Female)
    Anhinga at DawnWelcome to the Swamp (Red-tailed Hawk)American BitternMrs. Downy Woodpecker in Pear Tree
    Turkey Vulture AloftNorthern Cardinal on the FenceWild TurkeySnowy JuncoSnowy Cardinal
    Sandhill Cranes in Franklin TownshipPine Siskin PerchedDark-eyed JuncoAmerican Goldfinch in BlueSnowy Owl at DeKorte