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New Jersey
Photos from the Garden State from High Point to Cape May.
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  • Barnegat Inlet
  • Cape May
  • Colonial Park, Somerset
  • Delaware & Raritan Canal
  • Forsythe National Wildlife Refuge
  • Garrett Mountain
  • Great Swamp NWR
  • Hacklebarney State Park, Chester
  • High Point
  • Hoffman Park
  • Lakota Wolf Preserve
  • Merrill Creek Reservoir
  • Natirar
  • Old Mine Road
  • Other Locations
  • Peapack-Gladstone
  • Plainsboro Preserve
  • Raritan Bayshore
  • Reeves-Reed Arboretum
  • Richard W. DeKorte Park
  • Round Valley
  • Sandy Hook
  • Scherman-Hoffman Sanctuary
  • Six Mile Run Reservoir
  • Sourland Mountain Preserve
  • Spruce Run Recreation Area
  • Stahl Natural Area, Bedminster


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    The Falls at HacklebarneySunrise at NatirarRed-bellied Woodpecker on Cherry TreeMourning for SpringFemale Northern Cardinal in the Snow
    Yellow WarblerSong Sparrow on Crab Apple BlossomsOn the Lookout (Northern Mockingbird)The View from the New TrailThe Black River
    Pied-billed Grebe at Rahway River ParkPurple ConeflowerSaddleback CaterpillarRose UnfurledRose in Full Blur
    Little Deer Who Lays Quietly On LawnBlue-gray GnatcatcherHooded Merganser (Female)On the ProwlWelcome to the Swamp (Red-tailed Hawk)
    American BitternMrs. Downy Woodpecker in Pear TreeTurkey Vulture AloftNorthern Cardinal on the Fence
    Wild TurkeySnowy JuncoSnowy CardinalSandhill Cranes in Franklin TownshipPine Siskin Perched
    Dark-eyed JuncoAmerican Goldfinch in BlueSnowy Owl at DeKorteNatirar in the Rain, Part II