About this Site

This site features images captured digitally with a special focus on the areas of interest in my life: birds, nature, and basketball.  While most of the featured pictures are taken in New Jersey,  pictures from across the country are included.  I usually post several times a week (more often during spring migration).

Thanks for taking the time to visit this site.  Please leave feedback on any pictures that interest you.

About the Software

Originally this photoblog was hosted at Flickr.  Although I really enjoyed the community aspect of Flickr, in particular the Jersey Birders group, I was rarely satisfied with how my  photos were presented (due to Flickr's image size limitations and automated image processing). 

I really needed a single site to serve as both a photoblog (to display the best pictures) and a photo album (to display collections of photos).  Existing photoblog software is designed to display a stream of pictures while photo album software does not provide a way to break out your best pictures.  In order to accomplish my goals, I would have had to set up three different sites: a photoblog, albums for sets of pictures I wanted to share with others, and a separate album of restricted family pictures.

Since developing software is what I do for a living, I developed a custom ASP.Net photoblog application written in C#.   As of February 2006, I finally have enough features developed to officially to unveil this site.  Highlights include: multiple user/blog support; integration of a blog and album features into one site; two level categorization; security to limit access to family photos; comments with spam prevention; and multi-level RSS support  (photoblog, all pictures or any category).

About Mike Lyncheski

Born and raised in New Jersey, during the day I own and manage a small specialty software consulting company.  I started bird watching in 1988 and was soon hooked into the New Jersey birding community.  My latent interest in combining photography and bird watching finally came to fruition with the introduction of the Canon 20D in the fall of 2004.   The best part of each is that they allow me to be spend more time outside enjoying nature.

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